Cellular Toy Shoppe

Cellular Toy Shoppe

The Problem

Cellular Toy Shoppe is a locally owned and operated cell phone shop located in Edmonton, Alberta. Cellular Toyz does phone and tablet repairs, as well as selling used phones and accessories. They had a website but wanted a redesigned site, as well as an e-commerce solution and ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work.

The Solution

This project is being done in stages. Currently, the basic website is up live. I will be working on the e-commerce set-up and arranging for ongoing SEO work. One of the neat features on the new Cellular Toy Shoppe website is the repair page. You can drill down to get repair pricing on your particular phone model. Check out the beautiful functionality here: https://cellulartoyz.com/repair/.

To check out the live website, go to https://cellulartoyz.com.