Soothing Soles Mobile Podiatry

Soothing Soles Mobile Podiatry

The Problem

Emily has a mobile podiatry business based in the Melbourne area of Australia. She wanted a website that links to her online booking solution. As many of her clients are elderly, she also wanted a simple website. It was also important to her for the website to look great on mobile devices and that her phone number be a link.

The Solution

The Soothing Soles website is simple and clean looking. It uses the branding logo and colours┬áthat Emily provided to me from her designer. It has two forms – one is a regular contact form, while the other is a new patient inquiry form. Both forms send an email to Emily upon submission. The phone number and email address on the website are clickable links. A visitor to the website can tap the link on their smartphone to begin the process of initiating a phone call to Emily. The website is also mobile responsive, so it will look great on devices with small screens.

To check out the live website, go to

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